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Can you answer the following questions?

If you are a private landlord try testing your knowledge:

  • What does the law state regarding the collection and keeping of BOND money?
  • Who is legally responsible for smoke alarms and when must they be serviced?
  • If a tenant is late on rent – when can you serve a breach notice on them? And what process must you follow to evict them?
  • What must you provide a tenant when they move in, or risk a fine?
  • What keys and how many must be provided to tenants at the start of a tenancy?
  • What is the minimum landlord’s insurance you are required to have?
  • How long do you have as a landlord to provide the tenant with a copy of the entry inspection report?
  • Can you charge the water bill to the tenant?
  • You have a broken item in your house (e.g. aircon) so you decide to reduce the rent instead of fixing it. Is this allowed?
  • Your tenant phones up and complains something is broken. What are their options if you don’t fix it?
  • Is being in breach of any of the above a criminal offence?
  • What government body enforces these rules and is most likely to issue a fine if they are breached?

How well did you do?

If you are managing your own property – make sure you know the law! What may seem like a saving can easily become very expensive (especially if things go wrong).

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