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Our Service

We understand that selling your home or investment is one of the biggest decisions you will make and we strive to make it a positive experience. Our commitment to you is:

  • To get the maximum value achievable for your sale
  • We will be open and honest at all times
  • To always advise you by what is in your best interest not ours
  • To listen to you and ensure we understand and meet your needs

Below are some guidelines about selling

Listing price

It is very important to get the listing price correct. Too low and you are not getting maximum value for your asset. Too high and you will not sell your asset which can be detrimental. We carry out extensive market analysis to establish the correct listing price and we will not suggest a price to you that is higher than what we believe is achievable, just to get your business.

Advertising Budget

You do not need to spend a small fortune advertising your property and we wont advise that you spend a large amount of money advertising in print. Advertising in newspapers and magazines works well for top end properties but for general properties the return on investment does not make it worthwhile. In reality, printed advertising benefits real estate agents more than it does vendors. Since the Internet revolution, the Internet is where the majority of buyers come from and this is where we target advertising your property thereby giving you the best value for money. We will advertise your property on leading Australian property web sites.


There is a lot of conjecture about whether auctioning a property is the best way to sell it. Many estate agents will advise this is by far the best way to sell a property. Whether an auction is best will depend on many factors and we will objectively discuss with you all the pros and cons to see if this is right for you and your property.

Some Pros and Cons of Auctioning a property are as follows:

  • Theoretically, auctions are the perfect medium for establishing the true market value of your property (assuming that enough potential buyers are at the auction)
  • An auction carries no guide price therefore it is possible to achieve a higher sale price than listing with a stated price
  • Some potential buyers donít like Auctions and wont even enquire about a property if they see it is being actioned
  • At auction Ė if the desired price is not achieved, there can be a lot of pressure on the vendor to take a reduced price
  • Whilst an Auctioneers fees are relatively modest, the advertising campaign will often be more expensive because it is geared to culminate on a fixed date and therefore has to be quite aggressive
  • If the property does not sell at auction, money spent advertising the auction is often perceived as 'wasted'
  • Some potential purchasers might not be able to register to bid at an auction because of agreeing finance etc. in advance
  • An auction has no cooling off period so once the hammer falls the property is sold (i.e. there is no option for the purchaser to pull out due to not getting finance or building and pest reports)